“Always fascinated by the great outdoors, I was originally inspired to pick up a camera by the beautiful scenery I saw while out hiking. The landscape was therefore my "first love" and landscapes in one form or another - natural and urban, grand and intimate, by day and by night - remain a key focus of my work. This passion for the landscape in all its forms is ideally complemented by a love of travel and my camera is always the first thing I pack when I go away. Wherever I am, I aim to capture a "sense of place" in my images.

Plants meanwhile not only play an important role in shaping the landscapes of the world, they are also worthy subjects in their own right. I am fascinated by the sheer variety of colours, textures, forms and intricate details they display and I seek to reveal this beauty through my images.

Digital technology has fundamentally changed photography and opened up many new opportunities for creativity. It has however also raised various integrity issues. I strongly believe images should be authentic and this principle runs like a thread through all my work. While my images are edited digitally, all types of alienation have been avoided.”

- Catherine Illsley -